*NEW* Advanced Logistics Purchasing System (ALPS)



The ALPS Initiative is a logistics purchasing system that will be launched in 2018.  ALPS will manage GM's global carriers, contracts/spot buys and will integrate with current GM systems.  It will provide the carriers the ability to access and update their information electronically anytime throughout the year.

IMPORTANT - Preparing for ALPS

ALPS Launch Targeted for May 1st

To ensure you are prepared for the ALPS launch please follow these steps;

  • Email your company's DUNS information
    • Location DUNS numbers that apply to current contracted business
    • Ultimate DUNS for each location DUNS
  • Complete the Supply Power Onboarding process
  • Email your company's Supply Power Security Administrator name and email address


ALPS email address:  alpsinitiative@gm.com

The first phase of ALPS will be launched to the carriers on May 1st.  This phase includes the following:

  1. Supplier Profile

This is a summary of your company, contacts, services, certifications and initiatives.  You will be able to update and maintain this information electronically by logging into ALPS through Supply Power.

  1. Legacy Contracts

All active contracts will be uploaded into ALPS and assigned a contract ID.  You will be able to retrieve these contracts by logging into ALPS through Supply Power.

Tips for Supply Power

  • To learn about Supply Power; log on to the home page, scroll to the bottom and click on ‘GM Supply Power Overview' link
  • Need to onboard in Supply Power https://gmsupplypower.covisint.com/web/portal/onboarding
  • To contact Covisint; click on the ‘Help' link, click on ‘Covisint Help Desk / Covisint Support Portal'. Once at the Covisint support landing page click on 'Automotive Portal'.  There you will find the Covisint support information along with a 'Contact us' section for phone support.
  • Need assistance with your GMID; click on ‘Help', then click on ‘GM Global Service Desk'.  There you will find phone numbers to the service team.
  • Need a new user within your company to onboard in Supply Power; click on ‘Help',  click on ‘Onboarding (registration)' link then click on the ‘How does a user register for GM SupplyPower access?' for instructions.